Saturday, October 01, 2005

Still here for now

Boy this blogging thing takes time to figure out. Changed the name of the site to "Please don't eat the needles" Said change was made because this is all I say when I two tonkinese cats like to chomp on the ends while I (attempt) to knit. This title will be much funnier once I post the pictures of the darlings in action.

Anyway, this will be a short post, as I still have no pictures to post. Wanted to do it today but DH went on a fishing trip and took the digital camera.

So imagine if you will...I have the back completed for the Cropped Cable Sweater from Vogue Knitting. Realized halfway through it that the pattern is coded with 4 bars to indicate it is for an "experienced knitter". Experience as in I am very familiar with taking on more than I can chew?? Cause I sure got that down!! Who do I think I am? Actually it didn't come out half bad...It's not totally perfect but I doubt the recipient will notice the few flaws.

I also completed all the pieces to the pixie cables sweater...just have to seam that sucker..boy I hate that part. Wish I could send it out to be seamed! Hey there's a business for someone!

I also have 3 (3! ah ah ah) stupid thread crochet squares for my MILs tablecloth...only 90 something more to go...yeesh, looks like the revised ETA is now Mother's Day. Oh well.


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At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Ina said...

Thanks for commenting on my Scarf Exchange scarf.

There are lots of East Coast knitting blogs. For starters, check out the Mid Atlantic Knitters and New England Knits webrings.

Love to see some pix of your projects!


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