Thursday, October 06, 2005

I knit, really I do

How annoying are husbands?? I was all ready to take fabulous shots of all my WIPs. Had the spot all picked out, lighting was good, decent progress to be shown. Then this: "Honey, where is the digital camera? Oh yeah, I left it at Pete's". DH and Pete went on an overnight fishing trip and caught oh, um, ZERO fish. Thank goodness they had that camera at the ready! So not only does it have no fish pictures on it, it is apparently sitting idly on Pete's coffee table doing nothing. So still no's okay, no one really knows about this blog yet, so it's not like anyone is dying to see what I've been up to!! Trying to drum up more traffic, but it ain't easy!!

I did go on a short business trip to West Palm Beach, Florida...was able to crochet 3 whole squares for the tablecloth...making progress, slowly but surely. Never thought I would look forward to the hour wait in the airport (gotta love distraction free knitting/crocheting). Almost done with the left front of the cropped cable cardigan, which I do mostly when watching TV (which explains the frequent frogging).

Last weekend DH and I spent the weekend in Newport, RI. What a great place. Went to the boat show and stayed at the Ivy Lodge B&B. It was nice for the two of us to get away. I was a yarn tourist and bought some sock yarn at "Knitting Needles". Owner was very pleasant and helpful. Never made socks before, so this should be a challenge...but, have to wait until after all the Christmas projects are done.


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