Friday, February 03, 2006


Yeah so I decided I hate Interlocking Balloons. No matter how hard you try, the knit stitches that make up the "balloon" aren't really straight and it makes the pattern look like something you would buy in the clearence bin at target. I think that's why they don't show you a closeup picture in Scarf Style, but rather a far away mostly fuzzy picture. And come to think of it, that guy doesn't really look like he likes the stupid thing. Anyway, I decided that balloons don't really equal "cabley" as originally requested. So I frogged the whole dang thing and am now using a cable pattern taken from a baby sweater to come when I have enough rows to show some decent progress.

As for the leaf lace shawl, well, can you say "life line"? Of course I kept saying to myself, ya know I really should put a life line in here before I F#&$ - oops too late. Needless to say what I had already done became an instant cat toy and I started again, this time WITH a lifeline. I'm too embarassed to show you a picture.

So I joined my first SP thingie recently. It's a cash free version that seemed a nice transition into participation into one of the "real" SP events (that and I missed the deadlines)...but holy crap I am so nervous now. Cash free means I have to be creative and clever, and well, what if I can't live up? What if I am not cool enough? What kinds of stuff can you send for free or for nominal amounts? Well, I'm crafty, I'll think of something I guess. Man, the pressure!! My client presentation today wasn't HALF as nerve wracking!!!

Well I am glad we are having a girl's night out tonight to ease the's been a crazy week, so a margarita will come in handy. Lucy's Latin Kitchen in NYC, should be fun. Especially the part where I go into the bathroom and attempt to give myself fertility injections without anyone thinking I am a drug addict. (Maybe I should offer some around just for kicks) Booya!

(Oh, and note to whoever my SP is...sorry for...well, just, sorry. Do the best you can)


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