Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Contest: Who's a bigger idiot than me...

Apart from yesterday, I haven't been knitting much. I think I have arthritis in my shoulders. They ache like hell these days, and the damp and rainy haven't been helping at all. I am not one of those people where knitting relaxes me. I am a product knitter, not a process knitter, so I find the need to go as fast as I can so I can be on to the next fabulous project. Sock! Done! Scarf! Done! Next! Hurry Up! So the fast and furiousness has aggravated the aforementioned shoulders, so I gave myself a rest. Until yesterday that is. I had to fly to Buffalo and back in one day. And no self-respecting knitter would endure an airport wait and plane ride without a project. So I knit almost an entire toddler sock, which is pretty good considering I spent more time traveling than at the actual meeting I attended. Oh well, can't complain about getting to knit on company time. Even though I had to endure every flight attendants comments, including 'Oh I wish I could do that". What do you say to that? You can learn? Yeah, too bad? Shut up and get me my diet coke, we land in 15 minutes and I've got limited time with this tray table in the unlocked and non-upright position?


I entered this photo in this contest:

Actually, I guess I technically entered Kerry in this contest, since she did the beautiful knitting and the buying of funky shoes. Don't worry Ker, I will gladly share the spoils if we win. I knew when I saw the contest I had to enter in the "Best use of Color" category, I mean, does it get any better than purple socks and pink crocs?? The funny part is how this photo caused me much pain and suffering (okay, just really major embarrassment).

I was lounging around the house on Sunday because, well that's what Sunday's are made for. Getting up late, not showering until you absolutely have to, bad tv, good snacks...you all know. I'm wearing this kind of raggedy red t-shirt and worn out high-water grey sweatpants. (You know, the kind you've had since 8th grade and maybe even has the year right on the shirt and you only wear it to bed now because who keeps a shirt for that long and advertises it, and it's been through the washing machine the exact number of times it takes to be perfectly soft and fit just right). I don the socks and crocs, which go so FABULOUSLY with my outfit...pink, purple, grey and red..I'm quite a sight. I grab the digital camera, and go out my sliding glass door into the backyard to take the picture. My fenced in, tree surrounded back yard, so that no one can see me in this get up taking pictures of my feet in odd positions so that I don't get a shadow. I take about 5 pics and head back into the house. I start to slide the door back open and it stops.........in this position. Oh shit. Push. Push Push. PUUUUUSSSSHHHHH. It won't budge. Then I notice this: Can you see it? There was a box leaning on the other side of the glass door that I pushed out of the way when I opened it from the inside. However, when I closed it behind me, it fell back into place, preventing the door from opening. Oh crap now what. First I take pictures, because such idiocy needs to be documented. Then I pulled up the little wrought iron garden flag holder in the flower bed and wedged my arm in that little opening and tried to push the box out of the way. No dice. I tried the extended watering nozzle. All that did was get my carpet wet. I tried the metal pole from our tikki torch. All that did was get dirt on the now wet carpet. The cat meows at me from the opening and I'm pretty sure the translation was "What the F#%$ are you doing and what is with that outfit??".

Ah Ha! My mom lives down the street a ways. I could just walk down there and ask her for the key. So what did I do? Did I walk down there looking like a white trash clown or did I take off the shoes and socks and walk barefoot (just white trash)?

I went barefoot. And my mom laughed at me. And the two neighbors I passed thought I was insane. The picture isn't even all that great in the end. But I did enter the contest. Maybe we'll at least get an honorable mention for the effort. Only fair, no?


At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

You have to win something after all that! I would have gone barefoot too. Nice socks and crocs though.

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Bobbi said...

ha ha ha! I do feel bad that you had to walk in public like that, but that is a funny story! Sounds like something I would do! The socks and crocs look great!

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Barefoot white trash hippie! But I woulda done the same thing!

Those crocs and socks look *great* together!

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

Be thankful you weren't stuck walking down the street in a pair of ratty underwear. LOL I hate to laugh at your expense but since it's totally something that would happen to me I don't feel so bad doing it. :-)

You so need to win something after going through all that!

At 2:57 PM, Blogger keohinani said...

omg...ahahahaha! why in the world did you walk bare foot? you know, instead of just walking with the shoes?
hilarious. my favorite line is: "First I take pictures, because such idiocy needs to be documented." CLASSIC. :)
if it makes you feel better, i never wear a purse that matches what i'm wearing. when i bum out, i BUM OUT. who cares if i look like i just rolled out of bed? hehe.


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