Saturday, September 23, 2006


As I sit here watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (am I the only person who thinks Johnny Depp is hilarious in this movie) and surfing the web, I am fascinated by the wonders of Statcounter. I love seeing where all of my visitors are coming from. Hello Rancho Cucamonga!! Oh, and if you are the person from Merrick, please come back! I do not have ONE friend IRL who knits! Who are you mystery knitter? You leave very near me!

Yeah, that ought to do it. Scare the friendly knitters away why don't I. That reminds me, a month or so ago I was taking a different train to work. This was back when I was knitting Ene's Scarf. A woman sat down near me and starting knitting too. We noticed each other and smiled, and briefly spoke about what each of us were making. When it came time for me to transfer trains, I did something WAY out of character for me. I wrote down my blog address, and as I was leaving I handed it to her and told her that if she ever wanted to get together to contact me. It didn't seem like she thought I was a psychopath or anything...but she never contacted me... Are you out there? I'm not crazy I swear. Was my knitting that bad? Was my outfit wrong? Maybe I misspelled my blog address in my rush. Who knows.

Today I convinced my husband to go to my not so L LYS, Granny's. Love this store! I bought 2 skieins of Noro to make a Booga Bag (and later realized I needed 3, oh well, I'll have to go back) and 3 skeins of some Wildflower dk to make a baby sweater for a friend. Sorry I missed you Kathleen, but Granny tells me you are having a wonderful time in Buffalo.

Thursday I had to fly to Florida and back for a meeting so I finished the mate to the toddler sock that I made during my one day trip to Buffalo. Traveling sucks but at least it's good for my knitting progress. I'm going to Birmingham AL in a few weeks, more knitting time! Picked up the entrelac baby blanket again which will be my tv watching project. Not on Thursdays though...I'll be riveted to The Office (she didn't marry him!), Grays (he's in love with her!)and ER (I'm in love with Luca!) thank you very much. No one is allowed to talk to me from 8:30 on. Train knitting will be the mate to the Fetching fingerless mitts. Although now that these came out, I may be sorry I started Fetchings.

*Yawn* Off to bed. Wow this was a boring post.


At 6:01 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Train knitter probably saw your needle munching kitty and got scared! I joke!

Isn't it fun to see where everyone stops in from???

At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

Sorry to have missed you--and Lars too. Freaking Buffalo!! Well, at least you have to come back. :) And I am a knitting friend.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger keohinani said...

aw, that's sad. :(
i don't see knitters in public often. i used to go to meetings - SnB meetings - but it reminded me of how alcoholics also go to meetings. like, is our social behavior really considered odd?
then again, i do realize people must think I'm crazy knitting wool socks in perpetual 85 degree weather.
but i don't care. cuz sheesh, AT LEAST I HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WHILE STANDING IN LINE! hehee.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Kerry said...

I don't think I've ever seen another person knitting in public. In fact, I always feel like a leper when I pull mine out. LOL

Love the new pattern but Fetching is still my fave. :-)

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Miss Scarlett said...

Oh - how could she think you are a psycho! Maybe she misplaced the paper and is kicking herself while searching random knitting blogs. It could happen.
I don't see many knitters in public but usually the only people who speak to me are the very elderly and the very young (oh, and if we are talking about guys - include the very married! What is that about? it is rather depressing)
I do get some people who say they used to knit but are just so busy that...then they sort of don't finish the thought.
Maybe we get other people started knitting when we knit in public?
Oh the Office! I know - and I love how they have the new dynamic with Jim being at the Stanford branch. The premiere was hilarious - not a letdown that is for sure.
AND CSI AND Grey's AND Survivor. i had to give up on ER a few years ago - too much tragedy for me, not just sad TRAGIC. But yes Luca is a dream.

PS Not a boring post at all.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger mama k said...

for the record, I liked that movie. I thought I was all alone in that. : )


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