Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm baaaaaackkkkk.....

Okay, not sure if any of my original readers are still out there, but we're going to give this puppy another whirl.

I think it will be easier for me to connect with other knitters if I keep a separate blog. This way if ever am fortunate enough to meet any of you IRL, you won't feel all weird about knowing all the personal business I spew out on my other blog.

Lots has happened since my last post here - my son is now almost two. And well, I still haven't knitted him anything bigger than a hat.

And I've found Ravelry, which I totally love. Find me here.

Right now I am frantically trying to knit baby gifts, there are 5 babies that need my hand crafted goodness and another two on the way. People, can you please stop procreating long enough for me to finish a small sweater, I beg of you.

So far this year, I've made a pair of socks:

Pattern: Azure from Knitty
Yarn: Risata sock yarn from Knitpicks
Method: Toe up, two at a time using magic loop
Comments: These were my first toe ups and I really liked it. First time doing two a time too - because I'm crazy like that. Although I had to do the heels one at a time, but in the end not having SSS was a major plus! The yarn was just eh. The pattern is totally awesome and I can't wait to make them again in better yarn for myself.

I've also made three hats for my friend and fellow adoptive mom Sig, who unfortunately has been going through chemo.

Pattern: A basic crocheted hat I modified from a fellow raveler
Yarn: Peaches N Cream in Strawberry Creme - one ball
Hook: I forget - F or G I think
Comments: Alternating the single crochet in front loop and then in back loop made a pretty ribbed pattern.

Pattern: Basically the Gulf Shores Hat

Yarn: Red Heart Carefree Cotton in lilac - one skein

Hook: F or G again...

Comments: I made more single crochet rounds before starting the shells.

Pattern: Koolhaas

Yarn: Red Heart Carefree Cotton in Black - one skein

Needles: 6? Whatever the pattern says, I forget now.

Comments: LOVE this pattern. I didn't do as many ribbing rounds to start, but I should have because it's a tad short. Easy and well written pattern and knitted up quicker than I thought it would.

Now excuse me while I go slog away at another baby wrap.


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Shelby said...

Welcome back!!

I love the hats- too cute!

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Hey, stranger. Welcome back!
Fabulous hats....I had the same prob with my Koolhaas, too. Only, I followed the directions and it was still a little short. Hmm.

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Fioleta said...

Hello! I'm glad I checked my ravelry blog feed :-)


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