Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sleepy Saturday

So I'm just sitting around here basically waiting for the snow to start...we're supposed to have a big nor'easter round these parts tonight... So with the hubby out buying provisions (soup, hot chocolate and the makin's for chili - that's why I married the man folks) I took up the official position as couch potato and did some knitting while watching all my DVR'd episodes of Will & Grace and ER. I loves me some John Leguizamo...

I was able to rip back the leaf lace shawl and figure out where my mistake was - note to moronic self - count those stitches before slipping in a life line, those yarn overs are sneaky little bastards. So here is my progress with only 1 bazillion repeats to go...

I have ripped this sucker back no less than 4 times...I am forbidden to knit this in my husband's presence because I am either counting out loud (KNIT 2, YARN OVER) or cursing the damn thing because I dropped ONE STITCH and unlike Grumperina, who would not only find her mistake, but be inspired by it and design a whole new shawl as she goes....I just keep ripping back until I get a row that has the correct number of stitches!!

I have also made some progress on the cable scarf, though I realize I am going to need more than three balls...this is just about one skein:

Alongside are some great notecards I got from my Cheapo Secret Pal! Little does she know that my hair looks just like that with the flippy thing going on...I love them. And of course Willow has to supervise everything!

This SP is quite the challenge..I swear my person (downstream/upstream whatever the lingo is) couldn't be more opposite of me!! Not that it's a bad thing, but for goodness sakes she doesn't even like ice cream!! I have a few ideas for gifts, but this is harder than I thought!

In IVF news, I laid 4 eggs yesterday and 3 fertilized. We'll be putting these three back in Monday morning, hopefully anway...of course as usual my uterus doesn't want to cooperate, so I have to go have a sonogram tomorrow morning, assuming of course the office is open and I can get there in the snow. I swear if you knew me this would be no surprise. I do everything the most difficult way possible. Sometimes I think God knows I can handle it, so he spares some other poor schmuck from losing their minds from the stress...other times I think he just has a very very sick sense of humor....

Thought I'd edit to include some pictures I snapped from the windows. We put out some birdseed in the backyard and were visited by a beautiful cardinal:


At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Dani said...

Sorry its giving you grief - the shawl looks great!

Fingers crossed the office is open for you, but that your appointment goes really really fast (and good!) and you can race home to more snuggly TV, hot chocolate and chili =) Since my brunch was cancelled in anticipation, my plans for the day include nothing more than knitting, making some bread, watching olympic ANYTHING and vegging out =)

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely shawl! Glad you liked the on the lookout! Next envelope goes in the mail tomorrow, hopefully the mail trucks will make it to you thru the snow!

Your CheapO SP

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Susie said...

I had a scary deja vu reading this post. After four false starts with two different yarns, I gave up on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl until such a time as either I become a more experienced knitter or else I am somehow imbued with amazing diligence, patience and meticulousness (none of which I currently possess.)

So I'm knitting hubby a...cabled scarf! Not quite the's a Celtic Plait knit on 10.5 straights using 2ply handspun. It's slow going.

Our snow never materialized beyond a light dusting.

Anyway, my prayers are with you in your babyquest. I have known the pain and hunger myself and I wish you hope, peace, and success!

I'll be back to look around again...



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