Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I have an excuse...

This is what I am knitting right now:

This is the "Elegant Wrap", a free Patons pattern using Brilliant and Divine. This stuff is God awful to knit with. It feels like I'm knitting with dead shitzu hair (and I'm no yarn snob either). I am hoping that after it's washed and fluffed it will be a little better. But I kind of have an excuse for doing this...

On Father's Day, we were at my in-laws having lunch. My SIL comes strolling in un-announced and everyone exclaims "Happy Birthday!"...everyone, that is, except me because I HAD NO IDEA. My IDIOT husband and I have this unwritten rule that we keep track of our own families birthdays, and remind the other accordingly. He apparently forgot this rule, and not only didn't tell me, but didn't get a gift or anything...how embarrassing. But I couldn't feel too bad, because my SIL, well, she's kind of special. She's basically a good hearted person, but she's very, well, self-centered and well, CHEAP when it comes to gift giving. My first Christmas with them I got a periwinkle blue fleece scarf and matching baseball hat beanie thing. DH and I still crack up over that gift, and how he wore it around the house just to make me laugh. The best story though, is the birthday story.

For her birthday a few years ago, I bought her a gift certificate to Kohl's department store. It came in a little cardboard sleeve thingie on which I wrote in pen, something like "$50; Happy Birthday M, Love me and DH". My birthday is about a month later, but for whatever reason we didn't see her for it. Every time I spoke to her on the phone she would say she had my present waiting for me. Finally she said she would put it in the mail because she wasn't sure when we would see each other next. I get a card in the mail, and in it was - can you believe it - the SAME Kohl's gift card, in the SAME envelope, with big black magic marker writing over my writing. You could see my words if you held it at the right angle. I didn't even acknowledge the gift...that may be rude, but I knew I couldn't hold my tongue about it. Don't get me wrong, I am not greedy, I would rather have NO gift than a thoughtless one. So, for her gift, I thought I would make her something, but nothing that required too muchmoney or too much time. This project is cheap and is done on size 17 needles - fits the bill nicely.

It's just the way she is though, and after almost 15 years with that family, I've learned to laugh about it. I mean, we couldn't get her to commit to plans on Father's Day because she wanted to "play her life by ear for one day". Her kids are exactly the same. Neither one could spare more than 5 minutes to spend with their grandfather on Father's Day. Oh well, all we can do is learn what NOT to do with our kids.

Anyway, in happier news, my crazy insane SP sent me a ball winder! Woo Hoo! I will wait to post a picture until I actually attempt to wind a skein. She also included two more addis for magic loop! She is the best!

My first set of socks are finished and are drying as we speak. I hope to have them wrapped and mailed tomorrow. Once they are received I can post the pics!

So, What's your worst gift story??


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's one for you...

My MIL always use to give my hubby wonderful gifts. Expensive leather jackets, tools, electronics...you name it. She always gave me and the kids crap. (Seriously. She use to save a few toys from Happy Meals and put them in a plastic gift bag to give to my kids for Christmas. I always thought that was so mean especially since we would all have to sit and watch my hubby open all of his wonderful gifts.) I kind of dismissed it thinking that she might not want to invest the effort or money since we were just dating. The year we got married (we married in November) we went to her house to visit for a day after Christmas. She made a big deal out of making the rest of the family wait to open their gifts until we got there. She passed out gifts to my hubby and his 2 brothers first. They all got lots of wonderful things. Then she gave us our gifts...my son got a coin, my daughter a plastic tea set and I got a toilet paper holder. Yup, a toilet paper holder.

I'm not materialistic in the least. But I do think a gift should reflect thought. Guess I know what my MIL thinks of me. LOL

We had a falling out that evening (not because of the gifts, lol) and haven't spoken since.

The wrap is going to be gorgeous. I hope she appreciates it!

Your SP

At 8:15 AM, Blogger mama k said...

This doesn't top a tp holder, but my stepmom and dad apparently still think I'm 13. For Christmas the year I was 22 (and married) they got me a car accesories set including a trash bag, steering wheel cover and plush stars to hang from the rear view. All were a flashy dark blue velor w/ silver stars. Just a couple years ago I got a globe made from marble and a plastic lamp-type thing shaped like a big hourglass. It lit up like a lava lamp with glass beads inside. I don't live in a dorm room people! My stepmom has said that she never knows what to get me, but she has never once asked me for suggestions. I think it is tacky to give an unsolicited request.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Anonyknits said...

It was one of those "good things come in small packages" packages, all neatly wrapped, real pretty, bow, card and everything.

As I was opening it, I was really excited about the prospect of earrings (had just gotten the ears pierced). Trying to be cool (I was a teenager), I made some inane teenager comment about it being a box, and I had always secretly wished for a box . . . .

So imagine my surprise when I got the thing opened and my "secret wish" came true.


I got an empty box.

Be careful what you *say* you wish for.

(All a mistake, of course. My grandmother was a little absent-minded, and she had forgotten to put the gift in the box before she wrapped it. And I eventually did get my present. But what I crisis of faith I had that day!)

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Twinsanity said...

For Valentine's one year, I made up a beautiful basket for my husband. I smelled every scent of men's cologne at the fancy dept. store before choosing one. Bought him his favorite candies--Jelly Bellies and gourmet chocolate. Put in some neat little handheld games and puzzles. Some gift cards for restaurants and car washes. Added a coupon book for "special nights," massages, etc.

After I gave him this lovely basket, he quickly said he had to go out. I KNEW he'd forgotten a gift for me. No big deal. I busied myself with the kids and chores. Time passed. LOTS of time passed. Four hours later he returned. Handed me a pink rubbermaid laundry basket. "Happy Valentines Day! I know you're always needing more clothes baskets!"

Just one reason, among many, that he became my ex--aka The Asshole.

I've been remarried for nearly 8 years now and my husband always teases me with a household gift--a set of calphalon cookware, espresso machine with all the acessories, a gas range, etc...-among my Christmas gifts. A nod to the pink laundry basket, lol.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Juli said...

I had to laugh about the MIL gifts. I've been married to my husband for nearly 4 years now. This past Christmas my MIL handed me a little wrapped gift and said "I bought something more expensive for ____ (My BIL's wife...I'm leaving her name out) since she's been in the family longer. I hope you understand.'' My SIL opened a very pretty nice expensive gift. And I got.....a half used trial size bottle of shampoo that had obviously been in use in their guest bathroom as the bottle had dust on it. I kid you not....a used bottle of shampoo. LOL. I still laugh about it. But, she is bipolar and has serious mental problems...so I didn't get upset. More funny than anything. Maybe this year I'll get conditioner. :)


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