Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cash Free SP Revealed

Well my Cash Free SP is none other than the funny and creative Bezzie. I got my final gifty from her last week and it was just great:
I got an AWESOME baby sock booklet and her extra sock yarn, perfect for my sock knitting project. Starfish notepad and cards, "S" post-it notes, a great handpainted pink bowl with flowers (man, I hope we get a girl), adorable soaps with a lamb/yarn on them, and a *ahem* half empty box of Nestle Crunch Sticks (yum).

It was really fun participating in the first Cash Free Swap. Bezzie was creative and thoughtful and pretty darn hysterical. Viva El Cheapo! Usted es una mujer muy interesante! Now I have to just finish up a few things for my secret pal's last package. I am a little behind, I hope she'll find the contents worth the wait!

I did also find a suitable vase for my needles. It matches my little seagull too, that's a plus. Now to find a place to store the dpns. I have to check out the SnB needle case and see if I can adapt it to the smaller needles. That will involve blowing the cobwebs off the sewing machine, but whatever!


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Hee hee! I had a blast being your Cheap SP! Glad you liked everything! I actually bought that booklet before you posted about your Warm Hearts Warm Feet--so I was so excited when I read about that project!


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