Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easta!

Here is my horoscope for today:

Sometimes the most significant changes start from the most seemingly insignificant events. It's a good time to pay attention to your intentions as well as your actions. Life-altering events are in the making.

Hmmm..sounds promising, huh? I wonder if these life-altering events involve yarn? Well I was thinking of joining Secret Pal 8 (my first real SP)...maybe it's my destiny!

I am almost. done. with the. stupid. shawl. I have resorted to taking it with me on the train to and from work. I only have the edging to go now...or again, I should say.. I was halfway through it when I decided to actually look at what I was knitting and it was all off with gapey holes and mutant motifs...not exactly ideal for gift giving. I hope that when I am done I will have the grace to wrap it nicely and hand it to it's recipient with a big smile....right now I'm thinking about plopping it on her lap and saying "Here! Good Riddance!"

I have one Hot Tamale sock done and I have a serious case of single sock syndrome. They are a little on the thick side, so I probably won't really wear them until the fall. Plus I need to get moving on my cousin's baby gift ...She's due at the end of May. I am still deciding what to make...I need something cute and relatively quick...usually those two things are hard to come by because cute is usually complicated.

I am also planning to put together a little project to knit socks for newly adopted babies. More to come on that later once I've thought it through a little more. But if you have any unloved sock yarn, keep it handy....

I'm finally over getting sick..that really sucked. Seems like every blog I read lately, the author is we're spreading germs through our comments or something. Anyone read "Cell" by Stephen King? Creepy. Been watching alot of TV too. I am really into "The Office". But let me preface that by saying I can't stand Michael. He is stupid and predictable. But I am in love with Jim, and I want him and Pam to hook up so bad. His sarcasm and blank faces have me cracking up! And American it just me or does it kind of stink this year? I really liked Chris, but he is starting to sound the same every week. Same with Elliot. Taylor lost his mojo or something. Kelly is so annoying I want to pinch her. Ace needs a good hair washing.

Other than that, just trying to get through this very quiet Good Friday (ever notice how it's always rainy and overcast? EVERY YEAR. It's kind of creepy). Happy Easta everyone (NY accent). I hope everyone takes a few minutes to think about this time of year...Lent, Easter, Spring...what does rebirth and new beginnings mean to you? Right now it means I gotta mosey over to the yarn store (I work right next to one how dangerous is that) and get me some springy green yarn for some baby socks!


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