Monday, February 27, 2006

Baby it's cold outside

Holy crap is it cold here today. And of course I don't have a nice warm hat or scarf because I can't seem to find time to knit for myself, and you KNOW now that I know how to knit pretty good, there ain't no way I'm buying them from a store. Days like this I wish I could work from home instead of standing on the train platform like a moron with my teeth chattering. If I could just win lotto I would be all set...

We had quite the amazing weekend. We had some really great news regarding seems things might happen quicker than we thought. If everything goes as planned we may have a child before Christmas. God I can't even believe the words as I write them. We are a little freaked out to say the least. It was also hubby's birthday yesterday, so it was nice for him to spend it telling everyone the good news. To spare those of you who actually come for knitting content, I have decided to create a whole separate blog to write about the adoption process. Link is over on the side bar, feel free to pay a visit.

In knitting news, I am officially at the half way point of the leaf lace shawl. I am definitely getting a little sick of all these repeats. And the odd row "k2, purl to 2 stitches before end, k2," seems ENDLESS. I tried to do some of the cable scarf in the car this weekend, but I realized I missed a cable twist, and didn't feel like trying to rip out and restart while in the car. I am digging the
Starsky sweater that just got added to Knitty. I have been dying to do something with a shawl like collar, and this might just be the thing...cause I also loves me some cables! I really better get some "me" knitting in soon, methinks I have some serious baby knitting to get to pretty soon (holy crap).

I also got some more good stuff from my SP, which just added to the happiness this weekend:

El Cheapo, you just crack me up. I loved the anti-poncho post card. I

especially like the purple number on the lower left. You're turning violet, Violet! She looks horrendous in that thing! I also love the stitch markers..great not only because they are starfish...get it...but because they are small and light...most stitch markers are way to heavy and end up getting in the way. Thanks girl!!

Time to try and get some sleep now.I feel like the kid on the disney commercial "I'm too excited to sleep".


At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad good baby vibes have been coming your way! How exciting--a little one before xmas! I agree, start making some of those little sweaters for YOU!

Glad you liked the postcard and stitchmarkers. Wait until you see what's coming next!!! Muhahahaha!!!! ;-)

El Cheapo

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH NO! I just realized that the post office ripped off half of that lovely postcard! It should read "Death To Ponchos!" That's why all you see is "To" on there. But I'm glad you got the picture regardless!!!

El Cheapo


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