Saturday, March 25, 2006

Actual finished objects!

Howdy. Just got back from the RE's office to give blood for the pregnancy test. Seems I should have went yesterday, because they don't do pregnancy tests on the weekend. Based on the "what are you a moron?" attitude from the nurse, I guess I was supposed to know that. Listen beeyatch, shut up before I shove a progesterone suppository down your throat. You of all people should be wary of women with dangerously high hormone levels. So call me Monday then, whatever, do what you have to do.... *Sigh*. I don't even care anymore. Can't you not wait until I don't talk about this anymore? Bleh, me too.

In happier, knittier news, I do have an FO to show off! I finished the manly cable scarf I was making the DH. I got the gray, cabley and wide part down, but I am about 10 inches off the length he wanted. He tried it on, and he says it's fine, so I'm leaving it. Ya gotta love cables, man. Very impressive with minimal difficulty. The only hard part is getting used to juggling a cable needle. BTW, I tried that cable needle-less thing...uh no way, too dangerous. When live stitches come of the needle my heart starts palpitating. I prefer a single bamboo DPN in the same size needles I'm working with. I've gotten pretty fast at it too! Here are the pics:

My Own Cable Scarf (10" x 50")
Pattern: Cable pattern from the front of the Aran Pullover from Vogue Knitting's Baby Knits Two
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino dk, 4 skeins
Needles: Size 6 bamboo straights

While cleaning up some of my craft stuff the other day, I came across a doily I crocheted but never blocked. So I did that too while I had the pins out:

It's easier to weave in the ends once it's blocked. And it ain't no easy trick blocking in a perfect circle...this was as close as I could get. I love making doilies, but really, how many of them can you have without your house looking like an 80 year old lives there?

The shawl is still coming along, I have only one more 5 row repeat to go and then I can start the edging. I bought beautiful amethyst beads to use, I can't wait to start that part.

Now, what to do next? Well, I'm going to do those socks I think, but that won't take too long. There is another shawl I want to knit for someone, but I'm not sure yet. At least this one is worsted weight and not lace weight!


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