Monday, March 19, 2007

Yarn Swap!

Hello! Sheesh it's been a while. Life sure gets in the way sometimes..what with having a new baby and a new job, my old hobby is feeling the neglect. So I decided to force the issue by starting my own new swap! Lord knows if anyone will participate, but I'm going to give it a shot.

It's the "Dyeing to Dye Socks" swap on Swap-Bot. Go check it out. And if you've never dyed yarn before, this is the perfect swap for you!

I've always wanted to participate in a dyed yarn swap, but was never confident enough in my dyeing skills to do it. So this swap is for those of you who have either NEVER dyed yarn before, or have done it only on occaison.

You will dye 100g of sock yarn, using whatever dyes and methods you'd like. KoolAid, Wilton cake dyes, acid dyes, whatever...there's tons of tutorials out there to help. Color choice is up to you, although I'm asking that if you are adamant about receiving (or not receiving) certain colors, you post your preference on your own blog or in the swap-bot comments if you don't have a blog. Knitpicks is just one source of dye your own yarn - you can also purchase light colored sock yarn and overdye.

The idea is to be flexible here, because first time (or relatively inexperienced) dyers know that what you wanted is not always what you get! If I get a good response I'll set up a flickr album to display all the yarny goodness.

And speaking of swaps!

For Favorite Color Swap 2, I was paired with Ruth once again! I felt bad that I couldn't communicate too much with her this time, I know she felt like she got a lame partner, but I couldn't give anything away. She seems to have liked everything I picked for her. Can't wait to see her make something fabulous with the quilting fabric.

Also, I have been most remiss in thanking the partner who gifted to me. I have met another new cyberknitter friend - Mark...(yes, a man!) who did an awesome job of picking out fab yarn and other treats. You can see here (I stole Mark's pic until I can get mine up ) he did great job of obtaining yarn in my three favorite colors: Raspberry pink, aqua and periwinkle. I really drove him crazy with those very specific color requests, sorry Mark! Along with the yarn I got some delish minty chocolate and a GREAT CD! I was so excited to get that..I just love music and am always interested in hearing new stuff. I hadn't heard any of the songs before, so it was a real treat listening to each one. All of it got immediately loaded to the old ipod to add to the collection.
Please check out his blog - he has become quite the knitter, and is a hell of a movie reviewer too (I agree with him on just about everything that I've seen). Hope you had fun on your first swap Mark. Now howz about dyeing some sock yarn??