Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am working on an updated post, but can't seem focus to do it. In the meantime, check out this crazy fiber themed video. All this is done with yarn.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I suck as a friend

I haven't given one baby gift yet. Even though I pared my list of 5 down to 2 worthy baby having recipients, I haven't gifted a thing. I finished the buttercream kimono but I don't particularly like how it came out. (This is NOT blocked)
First of all, I did stockinette this time, and while my stitch guage was fine, my row guage was all off. When I got 40 stitches on the needle from knitting the front flaps, I was already even with the back. So there is no room to put two ties. I tried picking up and knitting some garter stitch rows which helped slightly (mostly to hide a sucky seaming job), but I didn't have enough cotton left over to make much of a difference. I also screwed up something when I decided to make the sleeves straight so the sleeve seams are a little wonky. Methinks I didn't pay enough attention while I was knitting this. But on the bright side, I made some matching booties and a hat, which I got from my recently purchased copy of Natural Knits for Babies & Moms.

LOVE this book. Simple designs in dk weight yarn but very adorable. The only complaint I have is that the hat, booties and little stuffed animals instructions are to knit flat and seam. I guess I could just do that in the round, huh? Not rocket science. I am not sure how the hat will fit, it seems a little mushroomy and too big compared to the kimono.

So now what. Well, Ms C-Section had the nerve to have a girl and spoil my plans of giving her the crocheted blanket I had. Since she already has a boy, and does indeed deserve to have a girl, I will forgive her and knit her something else. Not sure what yet. I need to get me some non acrylic dk cotton and make her something from the above book I think. Wool is so impractical for new moms. The crocheted blanket will go to my co-worker who's wife did in fact have a boy this very day. Not only do they already have a girl, they are irish too, which is a plus because the pattern is an irish chain. The kimono set I think I will give to my neighbor who is pregnant.

Wow, see how these things all work out in the end? Okay, now. I need to start something for myself. I just need to set aside 5 minutes and think about it. Socks or wristwarmers. I need to do a little pattern / stash comparison and I'll get back to ya....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Merry Christmas!

My Secret Pal had the ingenious idea of sending me Christmas in July! Yes, technically it's August, but blame the postal service and blogger, what can I tell you... But it's the thought that counts and it sure made things brighter on the hottest freaking day of the year.

First, an out of print pattern book for knit Christmas stockings, complete with red and green yarn, addis and my very first chibi! Very special because my SP has made these for each member of her family and are part of her Christmas tradition. As she knows, we hope to have our new addition to the family before Christmas this year and need to start making our own traditions. I am very touched that she went through the trouble of providing me with everything I need to make them a part of our new family. (I swear this woman has given me a complete addi collection!)
And what's Christmas without the goodies? Awesome cookie cutters with a family cookie recipe. Yum. These will definitely be put to good use. And last, but definitely not least...are you ready for's truly amazing:

Check out these stitch markers!! On the left we have tiny little santas! How freaking cute are those?? Makes you want to bust out singing Jingle Bells, no? On the right, CUSTOM MADE SANTA HAT WEARING PINK SHEEP!!! I can't get over them!! She had them made especially for me and I am so grateful. What a unique and wonderful gift!! I love them.

Well, I really should get cracking if that kid is coming soon, but I really did promise myself I was going to knit for myself once I was done with baby gifts. I decided that I couldn't possibly knit 5 baby gifts before all of those breeders popped, and so far I'm already gave birth and the other is having a c-section tomorrow. So I have to pare down the gift giving...3 out of the 5 are work people who aren't expecting anything anyway, so they go to the top of the "if I have time" list. I have a beautiful crocheted baby blanket that I may give Ms. C-Section if she has a boy (light a candle for me) which will leave me one gift to have to make, which will probably be this:
I picked up the butter cream kimono again, and actually I had to frog this somewhat after this picture was taken...I cast off for the neck hole to late so I had to fix it...I am modifying this one to eliminate the sleeve decreases. So Ms. SP8 hostess, believe it or not, that is all that is on the needles right now. Oh, and I do have this mysterious little project that I am working on, but more to come on that if it works out how I plan:
I suppose after these two things are done I will do some baby knitting along with some "me" knitting...haven't decided yet what exactly that means. Oh, and for those that may be interested, the Ene's Shawl was finished and gifted to my aunt a few weekends ago. Yes, I gave someone a wool scarf in August during a heat wave, you gotta problem with that? She loved it, and besides, I wasn't going to knit a bikini for my 70 year old aunt...they're always cold any way those old aunts.

Pattern: Ene’s Scarf
Source: Scarf Style
Yarn: Knitpicks Shimmer in SweatPeas
Needles: Size 6 addi circs
Comments: Quick and painless, a pleasure to knit. I think I am going to make myself one of these in some pale pink alpaca cloud.

I also finished my first pair of socks using magic loop. Love it love it love it! I am so glad I learned this instead of investing in a million double sets of short circs. While two circs is certainly preferable to dpns, magic loop kicks ass. No seriously, it does. It is not even hard. It just sounds hard. It’s totally logical once you do it. Trust me. Now I must join the legions of other converts on their quest to convert everyone else! Go learn. Now. You’ll thank me. Anyway, no pics of these because they are adoption socks and I need to send them out still. I really want to learn how to do two socks at once with magic loop. I just have to sit down and concentrate on it…a little difficult to do these days, with all the craziness that is my life.